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Night Sky

Please don't make me kill him

Night Sky

I fell in love with the man I was supposed to kill, and the man who wants to kill me. Both relationships are forbidden, but I’ve always craved sin. Must I choose only one, or can I have both? 


Being a killer is scorched into my DNA. I infiltrate my target’s lives to gain information about them before I make my fatal hit, all in the name of profit. For twenty years, I never made an error. And then Lucius’s name appeared on my hit list. I never anticipated that he would teach me that life without sin is incredibly delicious. And now I must choose between his love and my mission. 

Isla Morris is as good as dead. One day, I will crush that pretty little monster, and I will give my murdered family the justice they deserve. She will regret the day she ever missed my name from her hit list. But first, I want to play with her as much as she played with my family. Her dark love is tasty, but I hunger for her ruin even more. 

Night Sky
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