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Night Sky

Death's New Pet

Night Sky
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What do you get when you mix a revenge-driven mortal with an evil God of Death and an opportunity of a lifetime? An erotic fantasy novel filled with angst and trigger warnings.


I want her dead.

Everything within me howls to destroy that pretty little mortal so that I can claim her deliciously tarnished soul. When I’m done with her, she will be writhing underneath me, sinning like a bad little mortal should.

But no matter how much I long to kill her now, I must wait until she completes the Death Trials my father, The Devil, challenged her to win. Only then will she claim the title of ‘Deaths New Pet’, and I become free to do whatever the hell I want with her. And trust me, I plan on ruining my little mortal until she realises the true meaning of hate.

Perhaps that will be the day when the evil God of Death finally cracks a smile.

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