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Night Sky

We Shouldn't

Night Sky

A dark, erotic reverse Harem romance novel.


I just needed to be alone and write my new romance novel— two simple, achievable tasks— until my dad’s hot best friend, Brandon, shows up in my life again. Promising to help me research for my new book, he introduces me to his sex club, but that’s where I meet his two irresistible brothers: Dags and Vixen. I soon realise that Dags is an insane murderer and Vixen is my obsessive stalker. Yet I can’t help but spread my legs for them whenever they command it.
And then the pact is made: play with each brother for a week, and by the end of it, I must decide which brother gets to fuck me first.

Sounds simple enough on paper but a death sentence for sinful desires. Must I really choose just one brother, or can I have them all?

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